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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

is your Smart Plug / Device Safe ?

Please check this article:  Stop China's Access to Internet of Things Data

nowadays lots of people would purchase Smart Plug, so while they are not nearby they can use voice control or by mobile phone to control it.

but do you know when you are using the Smart Plug, the company who sold to you are also collecting your data. sometimes it's also personal data.

you register the app. so they know who you are, where you live. when you are at home or not according to your operation for the smart plugs.

when you use it, their server or system would just show like this:

yes, nowadays, it's big data era. so all the companies want your data. on the good side, they can know you better and know what you need, so to recommend better info / products to you. for example, Google & Amazon would do this too.

on the bad side, is it really necessary to collect date for your home behavior and reveal to other companies?

i don't think so !

furthermore, you don't know what else more data would be sent !!

and even they don't want to do some bad things to you. how can you know they don't get hacked and got stolen all the data away? this would expose you at a very dangerous situation.

if someone knows when you are going to be at home, and when you are not? do you think if this info is helpful? for instance, Thieves / Frauds etc..?


so that's why Sintron ST-027 / ST-029 Smart Plug / Outlet or further more Series don't use the way most of the companies would use. For Sintron Wifi Series, we don't require you to register any info and we don't even know what your API key is. because the API key would be randomly selected and sent by , for example, by Amazon warehouse (FBA) staff etc..

so by this method, it would ensure that you are still with privacy and no any personal info got revealed!



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