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Monday, 1 July 2019

Sintron Smart Plug / Outlet with OTA ( over the air )

Have you ever wanted to upload your own software to Smart plug or Wall switch etc...?  because you might have better idea for your own Smart Plug or you would like to customize your own use?

Now you do have this option !  ( purchase here)

Sintron Smart Device ( developer version) is with OTA included. ( only developer version )

so you don't have to do lots of Hacks, re-wiring, soldering etc... which is also dangerous for you since it's AC 110V ~ 220V. you just need to upload the firmware you got directly. then it's with your brain inside !


requirement :

1. Arduino IDE:
2. Make sure the Smart Plug / Wall switch connect to the same wifi as your computer.
3. flash size is less than half of Sintron Device memory.
(ST-027 is with 1M memory, ST-029 with 4M memory)

Step 1. connect them to the same wifi.

when you got the Sintron Smart device, you need to let it know your home/work 's wifi SSID and Password.

you can check the instruction here to set up the wifi ( only need the STEP 1 ):  ( for ST-027 plug series )  ( for ST-029 wall switch series )

so that you can make sure they connect to the same wifi.

Step 2: Open Arduino IDE and from the tool -> Port

you will be able to find it :

if you can't find it, please restart the Arduino IDE. make sure they connect to the same wifi and also check firewall settings.

Important notice before you upload:

before you upload it, we would suggest you to test your code first, for example, using nodeMCU etc... and if you plan to upload new code once again. please also include the OTA code in. otherwise you won't be able to upload the code via OTA again !

PS. if you don't include the OTA code. and later you can't upload it again. it is not within the warranty.

how to include OTA code:

1). include these library.

#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <ESP8266mDNS.h>
#include <WiFiUdp.h>
#include <ArduinoOTA.h>


in void setup () :add below lines

  ArduinoOTA.onStart([]() {
    Serial.println("Start updating ");

  ArduinoOTA.onEnd([]() {

  ArduinoOTA.onError([](ota_error_t error) {
    Serial.printf("Error[%u]: ", error);


3) in void loop () :


once you make sure these code are included, then you can upload OTA again.

you can purchase the Sintron Device (developer version here )



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